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How to train your own horse with the double reins

Double Reins Collection Technique

Training Your Own Horse – The Proven Truth – New 2012 Edition

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Al Ragusin 2015 Before And After Student Training

Full 1-Hour Horse Collection Video

In this video, I show you exactly how my double reins method works for collecting your horse. You can see yourself the results after just one hour of collecting a horse that has never been collected before.

Horse collection is all about understanding your horse, using the right equipment, and using the right techniques to essentially get a horse to collect himself. Horse collection is then easy

Training Your Own Horse Instructional Video – Now available online free!

When “Training Your Own Horse” was first released on DVD, nobody could have imagined how popular this video series would become. Horse owners from every corner of the globe have enjoyed the benefits of Al Ragusin’s one-of-a-kind training techniques, and frankly most horse trainers would be pretty happy about that.

But Al Ragusin isn’t just any horse trainer.

Al wants every horse owner to have the opportunity to train their own horse, and that’s why Al has decided to release the original “Training Your Own Horse” series online absolutely free! No strings attached.

And if you enjoy “Training Your Own Horse”, you won’t want to miss Al Ragusin’s new training video, now available for instant download.

Training Your Own Horse – The Complete Video Series

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

The Al Ragusin Saddle

The Al Ragusin Saddle

In the video you will find that Al Ragusin speaks heavily on saddle safety; when riding a horse it’s important to think about safety first. Al mentions that the main reason he uses this saddle is for comfort and safety. The video is designed for the people who want to be safer in their saddle. Also the way this saddle is made; it’s more comfortable for a horse as well.

Horse Saddle Safety

Al speaks on always riding with a horn for his safety; he mentions, “I would rather have a horn and never have to use it, than I would not to have a horn and have to use it.” The information in the video is so relevant to horse riding and safety; doesn’t matter if your a horse trainer or just love riding your horse. Al gives the best information regarding training your horse, as well as maintaining the safest and most comfortable horse riding experience.

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