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Alfred Ragusin, Jr. was born on January 27, 1938 to Alfred Ragusin and Lila Solis Ragusin in a fishing town south of Corpus Christi, Texas called Port O’Connor, Texas. This town is surrounded by water on three sides with a population of under 100 people.

Al, as he was later called, saw his first horse at the age of six. It was early on a moonlit night while sleeping on the floor at the back door of a one room house that he shared with 2 younger sisters and one younger brother. He detected a strange scent, it was a scent that both startled and excited him. It was a black horse that was grazing in the back yard. Port O’Connor had one local ranch which let their livestock loose to roam the town in which there were no fences or paved roads.

Morning Al,
I wrote a little about you in my blog this morning. Feel free to check it out… Hope this finds you and yours safe and warm.” ~ Mackie

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Al Ragusin Featured on NBC, FOX News, PBS, Real TV, CBS News, Barney, RFD TV

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